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Did you know that your rugs and carpets are deteriorating even when you are not using them? You don't have to walk all over a rug or carpet for it to deteriorate. No matter where the item is, it will accumulate dust and debris. Insects will attack it no matter how well you try to protect it. This is why experts recommend you to clean your rug or carpet at least once every 12 months. A professional rug cleaning can significantly prolong the life of your rug. With just one phone call, you solve all your rug problems: 914-888-1285 !

For the best Persian rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, and commercial rug cleaning services, just get in touch with us. Here at Westchester Carpet Cleaning, we have been washing rugs for as long as we can remember. All our professionals have years of experience. They know precisely how to clean every type of rug you can imagine.

We Manually Wash ALL Rugs

Did you know that we wash rugs manually? It would be easies just to toss them all into an industrial washer and turn the machine on. Some chemicals would definitely speed things up as well. However, we don't do it like this. We know how damaging such a procedure can be for the delicate fibers of most rugs.

Westchester Carpet Cleaning experts manually wash and clean each rug. We use different techniques and different cleaning products, depending on the type of rug and on its fibers and colors. Even though it's difficult work, we get breathtaking results every time.

Skilled, Insured Rug Cleaning Professionals

You can rely on our experts to do a good job every time. From the moment we collect your rug or carpet to the moment we return it to you (remember, pickup and delivery are free with us), your items are in safe hands. Due to their experience and skills, our professionals manage to clean every rug perfectly. All the stains will be removed and the rug will look and smell awesome. 100% customer satisfaction is one of our guarantees.


Benefits of a Good Rug Cleaning

A good rug cleaning can turn your old, dusty rugs into awesome floor covering that you can be proud of. Our professional rug cleaning service is capable of completely removing all the dirt, stains and spots from any rug. But there are many more perks to working with Westchester Carpet Cleaning, such as:

The rug's life will be extended

The cleaning process eliminates all bacteria

Our inspection procedure is very strict

Our experts can handle any type of rug

We rid rugs of all allergens

We have excellent quality control

All difficult stains will be removed

Get cheap rug cleaning in Westchester

Don't worry about any damage

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We Take Good Care of Your Rugs

We can assure you that your beautiful rugs are in good hands. We will take good care of your items and will clean them as we would clean our own rugs. We guarantee that no harm will come to your rugs and carpets while they are in our care.

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Get the best rug cleaning in Westchester (including commercial rug cleaning) right now. Just call Westchester Carpet Cleaning at 914-888-1285 and let our experts do the job for you!